Club Kit Update

With the club growing, the need to get runners in club colours has been our top priority. While our original design and supplier was amazing the issue was we couldn’t meet the minimum threshold. The officials of the club didn’t think it was fair for members to have to wait several more months to get in club colours.

So we got in touch with several sportswear manufactures about getting kit done with no minimum order. Only one came back to us and good thing is costs for smaller orders don’t change, it’s only when we order over 20 do we make savings and cost to club and members stays same as they originally did. We did a kit sample try on last week and we placed our first order at the end of July.

The company we’ve gone with is Yorkshire based Cycle Clothing who our founder has used on several occasions for his own kit. The first design is our main club vest and technical top which looks like this:

The kit will be sublimated with the design have the Yorkshire rose in the yellow patten which also embodies our parent football club, both tops will have blue side panels and then the technical top will have blue collar and cuffs. We won’t be keeping stock of these to begin with but aim is to put order in once a month, with turn around about 4 weeks.

We are also working on a alternative design that you can also wear and also hoodies, snoods and more. Members will get to vote and pick via the clubs members only Facebook group.

When you represent Stocksbridge we hope you wear the kit.. One of rules will be that to set a club record you must be wearing club colours.

If you are a member you can order you vest or top by clicking here

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