Winter Handicap Race #3

Our final handicap race of 2023 took place this evening and after the snow, freezing temperatures we was instead treated to a heavy downpour for the majority of the race. Despite low in numbers due to other things such as Christmas parties and poorly children, we had two debuts in Narni and Andy plus our closest finish with everyone with pratically a minute of each other.

The final hill changed the top four order and it was only in the last 50m did David Napier catch Nicola Heaton for the top sport and likewise Victoria managed to bag the 3rd place with a strong last few hundred meters. Also it was a race between last months winner Jonathan Page and David Napier to see who could set the quickest time. Both men broke the old record with Jonathan just edging it by 7s and in one segment there was just 1s between the two men. Next month promises to be an interesting showdown.

A massive thank you to everyone who ran and a big Shoutout to all the marshalls.

Full results can be found here:
Race #3

The results are broken down to your official time as it goes off when race started at 19:00.

In next column is your handicap. Then in next is your actual time this is your elapsed time minus your handicap time, gives you your actual time.

Then we take away your predicted time away from your actual time and you either went quicker or slower. Those with in a few seconds ran closest to their predicted time with Narin running 5s off her predicted time.

Those with green times will see this added to their handicap time for next race. Those with red times will have this deducted from their handicap next time.

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