Winter Handicap Race #4

Our first handicap race of 2024 took place this evening with everyone suffering post Christmas blues only 8 members turned out and our first guest runner. Despite the low turnout we had our closest finish yet with everyone within seconds of each other going up the final hill and the winner was only decided in the final sprint.

In the end guest runner Gareth Irvine was first back as he went quicker then predicted on his handicap by over a minute (it’s always hard to get someones handicap time correct on first attempt) however from 2nd to 8th everyone finished in the next 30s. It was an amazing site to see everyone sprinting to the finish and for 9 runners they got a new PB to start the year.

Also the course record was smashed as Jonathan Page lowered in to 16:31 which is an amazing time.

This was the 4th race and to qualify for the final 5th race which is the championship race, you had to run 2 out of the first 4. Big well done to Victoria and Nicola H. who have done all 4 so far. Out of the 22 who first entered 18 have all run at last two and have qualified for the championship race.

The winner of our last race will be crowned champion and we will also award trophies to the faster female and fastest male of the series.

Full results can be found here:
Race #4

The results are broken down to your official time as it goes off when race started at 19:00.

In next column is your handicap. Then in next is your actual time this is your elapsed time minus your handicap time, gives you your actual time.

Then we take away your predicted time away from your actual time and you either went quicker or slower. Those with in a few seconds ran closest to their predicted time with Narin running 5s off her predicted time.

Those with green times will see this added to their handicap time for next race. Those with red times will have this deducted from their handicap next time.

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